La Vela

Project carried out in the Parque del Este urbanization in Torre del Mar for a British family. Their needs included a three-bedroom house with three bathrooms, a swimming pool, a backyard garden, a double-height living room oriented towards a specific point with the best views, an independent apartment for accommodating their guests, a spacious garage, and a small workshop. The workshop, guest apartment, and carport were located in the basement, which was provided with light and ventilation through three interior courtyards, ensuring that this basement floor enjoyed similar comfort conditions to the ground floor. The ground floor is elevated one meter above street level, allowing for a smooth and comfortable ramp access to the basement. The house was equipped with excellent facade insulation and an innovative audiovisual, home automation, and LED lighting system. At the request of the clients, who did not want a monochromatic facade, some elements were finished in multiple colors. Additionally, we designed a powerful triangular ornamental element on the south facade, which we called “LA VELA” (The Sail), and it is now known in the neighborhood as “the house of the sail”.


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