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About me

About me

Javier Gámez

I was born and raised in Vélez-Málaga, where I settled permanently once I obtained my degree in Architecture from the University of Seville in the year 2000.
After over twenty years as an architect and completing numerous projects, I find myself in the most fruitful moment of my career. I now possess both experience and youth, enthusiasm, and a strong desire to continue pushing forward. Each day, I find myself enjoying my work more and more.
Throughout these two decades, I have been fortunate enough to assemble a highly efficient team of collaborators, including a surveyor, draftsman, structural engineer, building surveyor, lawyer, and others. They have all gained my complete trust and possess similar or even greater experience and professionalism than my own.

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We make a difference.

We are a small studio, and that’s why we offer a very personalized, close, and trustworthy approach. We always answer our clients’ calls.

For us, seeing a completed house is a great satisfaction because we feel like we have contributed to making that family’s dream come true.

That’s why we attach great importance to understanding the client’s real needs and accompany them through the challenging and often tedious process of obtaining the building permit.

We are committed to our profession, and we strive to design and construct medium-sized homes, always aiming to create a house that meets the client’s needs while maintaining agility and budget control.

We believe that a well-thought-out project always saves money, time, and trouble.

Good architecture doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s about thinking twice before drawing, seeking opportunities to improve the design once it’s been drafted, and if that means dedicating extra hours, we gladly do so in pursuit of a successful final outcome.

We strive to enhance the exterior aesthetics of the house without incurring costly extravagances. That’s why we design facades with twists, setbacks, and cantilevers that add a touch of “grace” to the exterior of the house. Whenever the client’s budget and regulations allow us, we play with facade materials, incorporating a visually appealing element such as porcelain cladding, limestone, wood, or aluminum.
We pay special attention to the distribution, composition, and size of openings in the facade. Windows and sliding doors on the facade can be costly elements, so we make sure to place them strategically without overdoing it, in order to avoid unnecessarily increasing the cost of the project or energy consumption.

When we start designing a project for a client with a limited (and often scarce) budget, we undertake an important task of “restraint” in managing their expectations.

Indeed, it is common that when sketching the initial designs, clients, driven by the excitement of their future home project, may become enthusiastic and request features that, when added together, can exceed their budget (e.g., a larger swimming pool, a bigger basement, a larger kitchen, etc.).

In such cases, we make an effort to caution them that “anything is possible on paper,” but when it comes to construction, we would surpass their available budget.

This task of bringing the client “back to reality” is crucial to staying within the budget, and in the end, they appreciate it.