Architect Javier Gámez


Free phone consultations

Can you call us at 653-90 11 44 and ask us any questions you may have regarding technical, legal, or other issues related to our services? We will be happy to assist you.

First free consultation/meeting

In this first meeting, you will explain to us what you need, what your ideas are, and you can ask us anything you're interested in knowing about how we will carry out your project, the steps involved, the regulations to comply with for obtaining the license, the cost of the project, the license, the architect, the surveyor, etc. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision.

New construction project

To build your house, you need to obtain a Building Permit, and for that, you need to submit the corresponding project to the City Hall. This is done in two phases. First, a summarized version called appropriately the BASIC PROJECT. Once this initial project is approved, we will proceed to draft the Execution Project, and during the construction process, we will supervise the work of the builder.

Renovation and expansion projects.

If you are considering renovating or expanding your home, or building a pool in your garden, we can provide you with the corresponding project, including plans, calculations, and a budget for the construction works, as well as all the associated documentation. We assist you in the license application process and supervise the construction works to ensure proper execution.

Legalization projects

If you have built your house or a part of it without a license, we will assess whether the works can be legalized or not. In case they can, we will draft the corresponding Legalization Project to be submitted to the City Council in order to obtain the Legalization License. This will help you avoid penalties and even the possible demolition of those illegal works.

Reports, certificates, expert opinions

In many occasions, it becomes necessary, for certain legal procedures (such as registering a house, filing an insurance claim for damages, or making a claim against a builder for poor construction, among others), to provide a report, certificate, or expert opinion signed by an architect. We can assist you in this regard. Please explain your case, and we will be more than happy to help you.

Land Studies

If you have a piece of land and are unsure about what can be built on it, or if you are considering selling it, we can conduct a land study for you. This study will provide you with valuable information about the land's building potential, including zoning regulations and restrictions. With this preliminary study, you will be able to determine how many housing units can be built on your land. If you are planning to sell it, this information will help you negotiate a better selling price. Our land study will give you a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and limitations of your land, allowing you to make informed decisions about its use and maximize its value.